2017 began as a very busy year for Birgit Israel, reshaping and sculpting the business to generate new and exciting ideas. Birgit has worked meticulously on developing new collections to be released later in the year. Birgit introduces new techniques, bold forms and shapes to her forever inspiring designs. The new, unique collection demonstrates modern etching techniques and materials, but continues to use some of the traditional elements which have worked so well in previous collections.

The new collection consists of an elaborate lighting range, ideas formed from previous technics used on B.I furniture collections, inspired by Birgit's love for vintage and antiques. Innovative materials will feature heavily in the latest additions to Birgit Israel Collection, including mother of pearl, marble and bronze. Alongside the lighting range, Birgit has developed her furniture collection even further, adding new pieces to create complete room sets. A new line of headboards will be realised, featuring the finest quality furs and linens. The headboards will have a rustic and natural feel, in order to complement our current ranges to perfection.

Our aim at Birgit Israel is to produce timelessly elegant pieces which develop their own patina, becoming more beautiful over time, just like the vintage and antique items which feature so heavily in Birgit's interiors. Birgit continues to challenge the industry with her designs, thinking of ways in which she can create eclectic modern interiors.

We are very pleased to announce that we will now be manufacturing our collections in the UK, holding onto our reputation of fine taste and craftsmanship. We will be holding stock items from our B.I Collection and will continue to work with bespoke orders to ensure we accommodate our supporting clients.