Inspired by love for beauty, history, traditional craftsmanship and travel; our aim is to transmit what we have seen, learned, collected and fell in love with during the last 25 years.


The BI Collection launched in 2011, working with specialist master craftsmen based in Germany.  We are producing a unique, bespoke collection of handmade furniture using classic materials, such as piano lacquer, vellum parchment and metals. The finish on many pieces is highly polished and requires many days of labour. Our aim is to produce items that are timelessly elegant and which will develop their own patina and become more beautiful over time.


Our aim at Birgit Israel is to produce timelessly elegant pieces which develop their own patina, becoming more beautiful over time, just like the vintage and antique items which feature so heavily in Birgit's interiors. Birgit continues to challenge the industry with her designs, thinking of ways in which she can create eclectic modern interiors.